Standard Prices Price in CZK Note
Basic offer
Tour Adults – 45
Children from 6 years – 30
Tour duration of about 1 hour
Additional activities
Shooting with air rifles Price for a target – 6 One shot – 2 CZK
Knife Throwing 30 Starts every 15 minutes
Compete to recognise natural substances and chemicals 10 Per participant
Orienteering race 30 A map and orienteering course included
Walks with the aid of a map that show attractions nearby the fort 20 Price of the map
Geocaching – “Radíkovská autíčková” is one of the best of Czech caches Free  
Woodcutting competition (difficulty by age) 20 Per participant
Searching for “treasures” using a metal detector 30 The found object can be taken home by the finder. You have 5 min to find the object with a detector. After that it is “unlimited”.
A fire to roast your own sausages Free Metal “forks” available
Campfire (big pyramid) 290 Price of wood
Kanadské dřevorubecké hry 10 řezání dřeva ruční pilou, sekání polen, hod polenem, zatloukání hřebíků do špalku, atp.
Special Activities
“Survival Mini Course” or “Civil Protection in Practice” 45 Price per participant. Duration about 3 hours. The content is explained below.
Special tour at night 60 Total price
You can also order
Paintball According to the Paintball Morava price list  
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We help in arranging catering – we do not charge commission According to the price lists of individual providers Chata pod věží Radíkov

Restaurace U Macků Sv. Kopeček

Individual activities can be combined freely.

“Survival Mini Course” or “Civil Protection in Practice”

The course is intended for groups with a minimum of 15 participants. It is possible to attend the course individually or in groups. It is possible to compete with each other, either as individuals or as teams. The ideal team has up to five members.

Mini course content:

(The content is adapted to the age of participants and the ideal would be that members are about the same age)

  • test
  • field orientation, buzzer and map
  • First Aid – heart massage on dummies
  • recognizing natural substances and chemicals
  • transport of “the wounded”
  • making a fire using flint and steel
  • shooting with an air rifle